When Life Is Difficult Or Traumatic, Psychotherapy Offers Understanding, Support, Healing And The Space To Consider Life Choices

Special needs

I have experience working with children and teenagers with special needs such ASD, ADHD and Dyslexia. First of all I appreciate that you and your family have the greatest levels of knowledge about your unique situation. A therapy could bring to light your individual abilities and experiences in order to help you create new opportunities.

Every client is special and every circumstance is exceptional! Being born with special needs has its unique set of difficulties. Similarly, acquiring a special need as a result of an accident or illness can have heavy emotional, social and financial strains. Life’s journey holds difficulties, and sometimes the challenges are too great to face alone. I would provide a safe environment to explore and to face these challenges.

We could address these issues:

· Emotional well­ being
· Anger and impulse control
· Family life
· Couples, relationships and social connections
· School and employment barriers
· Community access and inclusion
· Trauma associated with disabilities

In a comfortable and open environment, I offer a highly personalised approach to all individuals in order to address their issues of concern in the most appropriate manner.